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9 Tips for Succeeding in Online Classes

Online Classes

Online classes are a very desirable education route for many students. Not having to commute to a campus, being able to complete coursework without a rigid schedule, and having the flexibility to study virtually anywhere are huge perks of online classes. Though they have tons of benefits, online classes are different from traditional, in-person classes and require a little more attention from students in different areas. The good thing is, there are many helpful tips to aid any student in succeeding in online classes. Ready to learn some tips for success and ace your online classes? Look no further, because here we’ve got 9 tips for succeeding in online classes.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Practicing effective time management is a huge key to success when it comes to online classes. In order to manage your time wisely, start out with the right tools, like a time management app, a calendar, or a planner. Do a “time audit” of your days and see where you can allot time to complete coursework for your online classes. The time you have to dedicate to your online classes may vary greatly from day to day, and that’s perfectly okay! Make sure to choose times to dedicate to your online classes and stick to them.

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Plan It Out!

Right alongside time management comes planning. With your time management app, calendar or planner, plan out what needs to be done for your online coursework. When are assignments due? When are your quizzes and tests? How much time will you need to complete them? Chances are you probably can’t just remember everything. Jotting down the dates and times that key coursework is due is a great way to become familiar with your deadlines and remember what needs to be done.

Get Into a Routine

Once you’ve figured out what time you have to dedicate to your online classes and once you’ve planned out what needs to be done and when, you should be able to get into a routine! Routines are a great way to make sure you’re accomplishing what you need to - with less remembering needed.

Establish a Study Spot

Completing coursework for online classes can be easier when you’ve got a designated place to study. A lot of people suggest this being in a “quiet zone” as well, where you can have minimal distractions and focus on the tasks at hand. Got a spare room in your house? An empty corner? A desk of your own? Wherever you’d like your study spot to be, choose it and keep it. Not only will it help you focus, but you’ll also associate your study spot with doing class work and (hopefully) stay more on task. Make sure your family or whoever you live with knows about your designated study spot, and to try to leave you to your studies when you’re there.

Minimize Distractions

As you probably already know, distractions can come from anywhere. Unfortunately, online classes and distractions don’t make the best of friends. When you’re working on your online classes, keeping distractions to a minimum is really important! Turn off the TV, try to get some quiet time away from others, put your phone down (or even use a blocking app if you need), and try to stay away from straying onto unrelated websites. Chances are, when you minimize your distractions you can get everything done you need to - with less time!

Keep a Backup of Your Documents and Information

Sometimes technology can be unreliable. With online classes, since most everything you do is on a computer, it’s easy to just save assignments on the main computer you use for class. However, sometime technology fails - what happens if your computer crashes, gets a virus, or your documents get lost? You may be put in a bind if you lose important documents or information. To avoid potential bad situations, keep a backup of all your work and important documents! You can create backups of your documents and information by transferring copies of them to external storage, emailing them to yourself, or even just using a system like Google Docs that keeps all your documents in the cloud. No matter how you choose to backup your documents and information, make sure you do!

Have a Backup Plan in Case of Technical Difficulties

So, like we talked about - technology can be unreliable sometimes. Because of this, you should try to have a backup plan in case of technical difficulties. Imagine you just sat down to take your midterm test online and found out your wifi was down. Do you have somewhere else you could go that has reliable internet? What if your computer broke right before a big essay was due? Could you borrow a computer from a family member or friend, or access a computer somewhere else? Although we all hope we won’t run into a technical difficulty that could put us in a bind, it’s always helpful to make a plan B! Try to think of other places you could access a computer and internet and any other tools you need for your online classes if you need a backup plan.

Take Breaks

One of the biggest benefits of online classes is being able to work on them according to your own schedule. Since you get to make your own schedule, fit some breaks in your study time. Taking regular, short breaks can help you avoid strain, rejuvenate your thinking, and keep you refreshed. During the time you’ve allotted for your online classes, take 5-10 minute breaks to go to the bathroom, get a snack, take a breather, or whatever else you need. Set timers if you need to. Allow yourself and your brain to take breaks so you don’t get burnt out!

Engage With Others

You’re most likely not the only one in your online class, and that’s a great thing! Connect with your peers in your online classes to discuss coursework, study together and overall help each other throughout the course. Asking questions, participating in discussions, and getting views from other people can really help you excel in any subject. Additionally, connect with your professors! When your class starts, send them a message or email to introduce yourself and let them know you’re ready to engage in their class. Don’t feel hesitant to ask your professors questions, or to talk to them about what you need - that’s what they’re there for, and they’re most likely more than happy to assist you. Connecting and engaging with others involved in your online classes is a great way to stay involved and succeed!

Ready to Ace Your Online Classes?

We’re ready for you to ace them too, and we’re confident you can with these 9 tips for success in online classes:

  1. Manage your time wisely
  2. Plan things out
  3. Get into a routine
  4. Establish a study spot
  5. Minimize distractions
  6. Keep a backup of your documents
  7. Have a backup plan in case of technical difficulties
  8. Take breaks
  9. Engage with others

Bring on the success in online classes!